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Our Services

Our Services

“Our uniqueness lies in our comprehensive services— we aren’t limited to helping organize client’s immigration documents— but to really help them flourish in their new home in Canada.”

Our services include submitting visa applications and representing before a court of review for visa applications and related matters. Our duty is to fully understand your case and offer the best solutions to get you to your desired outcome.


Our Services Include:

  • Compiling the application package: Putting together a complete application package with all the documents required for an immigration officer to make a decision on your case.
  • Managing and monitoring the case: Our Globalwave-guarantee to monitor your case from beginning-to-end. We’ll ensure that your application is directed to the Canadian immigration office in due time, to put you on your best foot for the following steps— including any potential interview
  • Letter Submission: We will submit a letter showing the authorities that you are a proper person to live and work in Canada.
  • Post-Visa Approval Services: Once a visa is issued, we’ll check all the data to ensure it contains everything it should, to open up your prospects for you to flourish in your new life in Canada.

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